What We Do

At Purple Trumpet Marketing, we follow a three-step process to help your business grow and flourish.

  1. Listen
  2. Learn
  3. Trumpet

We start by listening since it’s vital we know the story of your business.  During your initial consultation, we will help you fill out a questionnaire.  We like to discuss each question in depth so we have the best understanding of your business.

We learn about your industry in a variety of ways.  We research your target audience, learning who and where they are. We also check out your competition, analyzing them every step of the way to be sure we’re helping you be the best in the market.

Trumpeting is what we do best.  We will shout your message from the rooftops to ensure your message is heard.  This is done numerous ways, from modern techniques like social media to more traditional media, such as radio spots, newspaper, or magazine advertisements. Ultimately, we will trumpet your message where it’s most likely to be heard by your target audience.

Social Media Marketing

We don’t just post for you on social media, we become your voice.  We curate content and manage your updates, encourage engagement, respond to interactions, and monitor your brand’s online reputation.

When it comes to social media, regardless of your industry, your customers are using social media on a daily basis.  It is important for you to keep them engaged and connected to your business.  When they are in need of your product or services they should think of you first.

Email marketing

We will help you create periodic email campaigns or newsletters.  We will also provide you with ideas to help you build your email list. The customers on your email list are much more likely to engage and buy from your brand than a person who’s seeing an ad for the first time.

We are excited to be a Constant Contact Solution Provider.

Whether you’re looking to engage your customers, build your audience, drive sales or donations, or increase your overall brand awareness, we have the online marketing expertise to help you succeed.

Purple Trumpet Marketing has partnered with Constant Contact—the leader in Small Business Marketing to help you bring all of your marketing efforts together to grow your business.

Constant Contact is your single source for the marketing campaigns, contact management, and list growth tools you need in order to engage your audience.

Contact us today to learn more about how we can leverage the power of Constant Contact to help your business succeed.

Additional Services

Purple Trumpet Marketing also offers the following services.  Don’t see something listed?  We are always up for the challenge.

  • Designing flyers, postcards, and other printed marketing materials
  • Designing gift cards
  • Designing magazine and newspaper advertisements
  • Writing radio advertisements
  • Website design and management


We will work with you and your budget.  We offer flexible pricing so you’re sure to get exactly what your business needs.  Contact us with any questions you may have or to request a free consultation.


All social media and email marketing plans require a one-time setup fee.  This covers the cost of creating or optimizing your social media pages, creating branded email templates, reviewing your current online reputation and initial consultation.  Members of the Rome Floyd Chamber will receive a 50% discount off the setup fee.