A Mother-Daughter Marketing Consulting Team


Give publicity to (a product, organization, or venture) so as to increase sales or public awareness.

We use digital and traditional marketing techniques in preparing a marketing strategy for you.  This ensures your target audience hears your message being trumpeted.


Become larger or greater over a period of time; increase.

With increased engagement through social media and marketing campaigns, we will help grow your brand awareness.


To be successful; prosper.

We will strive to help your business be successful and prosperous.

Why Choose Purple Trumpet Marketing?

When it comes to your business and services, you’re the expert.  At Purple Trumpet Marketing, we are constantly identifying and implementing current marketing trends.  We will create a customized marketing strategy perfect for your business by combining your business expertise and our marketing intelligence.  We work with businesses of all sizes and will work with you to fulfill your needs and budget.

A lot of times, small businesses can’t hire a full-time marketing employee.  With Purple Trumpet Marketing, you get professional expertise without the extra expenses that come with hiring an employee dedicated to marketing.

Let Purple Trumpet Marketing be Your Marketing Department!